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Additional SYLA

SYLA aims to inspire and empower anyone in grades 9-12 to learn and speak up about racism, bullying, gender oppression, and the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships while also learning how to create change in your community. Participants will receive 30 hours of community service and a letter of recommendation for college and/or employment.

Enrollment is free. Open to all Orange and Sullivan County high school students. 

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"The SYLA instructors were great and they created a judgment-free zone and they make you believe that you are the one to make a change. So, go ahead join the academy and become an upstander from a bystander." - 2020 SYLA Student

How We Helped in 2020

  • Advocacy Services


  • Nights of Safety


  • Adults & Children Served


  • Hotline Calls


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