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Prevention and Education

One in three adolescents in the U.S. is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse from a dating partner [1]. Fearless! advocates to eliminate all forms of intimate partner violence and believe community collaboration is key. Our partnerships with schools and youth programs help to create safer schools and individuals. In addition to the workshops available (listed below), our partners have made it possible for us to provide individual supportive counseling, complete orders of protection, ensure survivor-centered enforcement of orders of protection, provide job-specific training regarding teen dating violence and bullying at all levels, provide support to administrators and staff in addressing teen dating violence and bullying, and connect with administrators and staff who are experiencing intimate partner violence in their personal lives. For more information on how we can support your school or youth program, call our hotline 845-562-5340.

Mentors in Violence Prevention

We are trained to implement the Mentors in Violence Prevention Program, an evidence-based, age-appropriate, and engaging bystander approach to prevent violence. The goals of MVP include raising awareness, challenge thinking, open dialogue, and inspire leadership. Through MVP, youth become empowered leaders, passionate social-justice activists, and work to create a climate of safety for all- both in their school and their community.

Teen Dating Violence 101 & Healthy Relationships

Often done in health or gym classes, this is the first time youth are learning about Teen Dating Violence. Our interactive workshops include an overview of warning signs, what is Teen Dating Violence, and how to get support for someone who is experiencing abuse in a relationship. We also explore setting boundaries, consent, and what keeps a healthy relationship together.

Bullying & Bystander Empowerment

Bullying is an issue, but how do we stop it? Our bullying workshops offer students a space to discuss bullying and how to address it.  What gives bullies power and what takes away their power? We’ll offer solutions for students who are experiencing and/or witness bullying.

Dating & Technology Safety for Parents/Caregivers

A space for parents and caregivers to connect with each other and discuss safe dating, how to identify warning signs of teen dating violence, talking with teens about relationships and consent, and technology safety. Social media and smartphones have created new ways for youth to connect with each other, but also have safety concerns. We will discuss different apps and social media being used by teens and safety planning.

Teen Dating Violence 101 (For School Staff)

It can be difficult to assess the concern for safety in teen dating relationships. Is it young love or is it dangerous? What are the warning signs? How do we respond? How can Fearless! be a resource? This workshop is available at all levels for staff including educators, counselors, social workers, administrators, and security personnel.

Creating a Safer School

Explore administrative policy and procedure that fosters a safer climate for victims and survivors of teen dating violence and bullying. Creating change happens at all levels. This workshop is offered as a resource to school administrators to support schools in creating survivor-centered policy and safer environments for students.

Working with Exploited and Trafficked Youth

Create Your Own! - Tell us what you need! Our Education & Prevention advocates are here to create workshops to fit the needs of your school


[1], “Dating Abuse Statistics,” August 2014.

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