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Is This Abuse?

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Things To Do 
•  Listen without judgment, rejection, or blame for the person’s decisions. 
•  Believe the person, abuse can happen to anyone and abusers often appear to be very nice people. 
•  Remember that you cannot ‘rescue’ them.
•  Educate yourself, leaving can be hard for many reasons and it does not ensure the abuse will stop and can increase lethality for some victims.
•  Encourage the person to call the Fearless! hotline for confidential help.
•  Support the person and do not abandon them.
Words To Say 
•  This is not your fault.
•  I am sorry this is happening to you.
•  You have the right to be safe.
•  You don’t deserve to be treated this way.
•  I care about you and I know talking about it can be hard. 
Questions To Ask 
•  Is someone hurting you?
•  Did someone hurt you?
•  Do you dread being alone with your partner? 
•  What do you need to be safe right now? 
•  How can I support you?

How We Helped in 2020

  • Advocacy Services


  • Nights of Safety


  • Adults & Children Served


  • Hotline Calls


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