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In an interview with “20/20,” Kellyann Kostyal-Larrier the executive director at Fearless! Hudson Valley said that in Nikki Addimando’s trial, "There was lots of focus on the night of the incident and very little focus on how we got there."
Kostyal-Larrier said that after seeing the evidence in the case, including graphic photographs of injuries on Nikki’s body taken by a forensic nurse, "I thought to myself, 'If [Ms.] Addimando was not seen as a victim, then who could be seen as a victim?'"

Not a sound could be heard inside of the Powelton Country Club’s Dining room as each of the 37 women’s names was read and guests fully felt the potency of the somber moment. Since 2004, in Sullivan and Orange Counties, that number of female lives has been senselessly taken at the hands of their male intimate partners. The riveting statistic followed the reading of a poem, paying tribute to all women who have had to face the harrowing struggles and challenges connected to domestic abuse. It’s the very reason Safe Homes of Orange County was formed 36 years ago, and has since evolved its namesake into Fearless!

Our Executive Director Kellyann was interviewed by News 12 Hudson Valley's Blaise Gomez about the three back-to-back, separate cases within days that have thrust the crisis into the public eye.

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